Coalition To Prevent Lead Poisoning


Hundreds more lead hotspots are identified as Trump prepares to gut programs

An ongoing Reuters investigation has found another 449 areas around the U.S. with lead exposure rates double those found in Flint. But cities across the country say pending federal budget cuts could imperil efforts to eradicate the toxic metal.

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A Focus on Health to Resolve Urban Ills

On a crisp morning in the struggling Bay Area city of Richmond, Calif., Doria Robinson prepares a community vegetable garden for an onslaught of teenagers who will arrive that afternoon. Beyond the farm, a Chevron refinery pumps plumes of smoke into the atmosphere. The farm won’t remove the pollution, but Robinson believes it can make the city’s residents healthier in other ways, specifically by showing them that “their actions have an impact.”

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Number of Children Reported Lead Poisoned Grows from Previous Year

Number of children reported lead poisoned grows from previous year; continuation of local prevention effort needed to keep children safe.

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Lead Levels on the Rise in Monroe County

While the number of Monroe County children under 6 found to have elevated levels of lead in their blood has been on the decline for the past decade, there was an uptick in that number last year.

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Millions of American Children Missing Early Lead Test

Many states and Medicaid rules require blood lead tests for young children, but millions are falling through this safety net, leaving them vulnerable to poisoning – and showing lead worries extend beyond Flint, Michigan.

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Lead: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Fast forward to the 3:12 mark to see mention of the Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning. Please note: this video contains adult language and may not be appropriate for children or the workplace.

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Senator Schumer Announces New Bill to Provide Tax Credits to Homeowners for Lead Hazard Repair Work

Schumer announces new legislation to combat major lead crisis in Rochester; senator says congress must immediately vote on lead bill to help homeowners in Rochester & Upstate NY remove hazardous metal from their homes.

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Get the Lead Out: Raising Awareness Can Save Kids From Being Poisoned by Paint

Lead poisoning in our community was a concern long before the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. For years, Oneida County has had one of the highest rates of childhood lead poisoning in the state. And while the contamination source isn’t the water, we must continue the aggressive campaign to fix the problems and to raise awareness on all fronts because our children’s futures depend on it.

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Flint Water Crisis a Reminder of Lead Danger

National news media has focused on the horrific health crisis unfolding in Flint, Michigan. Corrosive water form the Flint River, in use since 2014, destroyed the protective coating inside old pipes, allowing lead to contaminate the city’s drinking water. As a result, an increased number of children in Flint have been lead poisoned.

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